April 16, 2015

April Bloomsday - Tall Tulips and Short Phlox

Tulips and phlox are the stars of the bloom show in mid-April, though a few buds on the backyard  'Spring Snow' crabapples are starting to peek open. 

The garden gets greener by the day, though you see above that the trees have yet to leaf out.  The little white Grecian windflowers (Anemond blanda 'Alba') are still blooming well among the taller plants.   I am impressed at how long they have been in flower when so many bulbs come and go so quickly.

Several years after planting, 'Salmon Impression' tulips continue to bloom strongly.  Yellow 'Jaap Groot' tulips have also proven to be good perennial bloomers, and they are just starting to open in some spots.  White 'Maureen' tulips are the last to bloom in the front yard show.

A 'Coral Supreme' peony provides the backdrop in this shot.  Next month when it blooms the flowers will be huge and gorgeous.  Notice the attractive white edges on the 'Jaap Groot' leaves.

There are fewer 'Emerald Blue' creeping phlox plants than in previous years, as I decided it looked too polka-dotty (that's a technical term, LOL).  But the ones that remain have expanded and continue to provide lots of cheerful lavender flowers.

To the left of the photo above you can squint and see the orange tulips blooming on the west side of the house.  The front yard has a softer color scheme, but the west is more vibrant.  I don't think I've ever taken a shot of the house from this angle before, but my neighbor's blue spruce tree seems to fit right into my landscaping.

I'm pretty sure these orange beauties are 'American Dream' tulips, though I thought I ordered a different variety a few years ago.  The orange and vibrant purple 'Axcent Blue' aubrieta play off each other nicely.

I will close with this wider view of the west garden.  Next week the tulip show in the backyard will really get going, as a few purple 'Negrita' tulips are starting to color up in the main sunny bed, and two types of deep pink tulips aren't far behind.  There are already buds reaching up from the dozens of globe alliums I planted last fall in the back.  If I remember to participate in the May Dreams Bloomsday next month, the alliums will definitely be the stars.


  1. Hi VW,

    Lovely spring garden you have, very impressive Tulips too. No chance of them surviving more than a couple of years here; soil is too heavy.

    Looking forward to blossom photos *hint hint* :)

  2. The second I saw the spruce I thought since when does she have a spruce! I hadn't realized that most of the grass in your shots are your neighbors as well. Lucky neighbors to have such a gorgeous garden next door! I hope you post the alliums next month, I'd love see them.


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