June 1, 2016

Hot Poppies, Cool Sage

The northwest corner of the backyard is full of vivid color right now.  Orange Oriental poppies, purple 'Ambassador' Allium, red 'Montgomery' Astilbe, purple 'Caradonna' sage (Salvia) and rosy-orange 'Totally Tangerine' Geum fill the shot above.

Evening backlighting is especially pretty, though it's hard to capture with my amateur photographer skills.

'Caesar's Brother' Siberian iris helps the violet sage to cool down all the orange and red flowers.

A dozen small clumps of 'Moulin Rouge' Astrantia get lost among the taller perennials unless you look closely.

Last year I rearranged many of the plants in this area, and I'm pleased with how much better it looks.  But I have new transplanting plans now!

 I sometimes try out garden color combinations in a vase, and this arrangement has convinced me that I need to add some cranberry-colored 'Kansas' and 'Paul M. Wild' peonies to the NW corner.  And some mid-pink 'Rivida' peonies.  Plus some deep red 'Buckeye Belle' peonies.  Yeah, peonies will make it even better.  Stay tuned for an even more colorful display next year.


  1. So beautiful! I love the way all those strong colors play off each other. By the way, I was up at the temple last week and was happy to see the pretty landscaping there. :)

    1. Thanks Linnae! Did you notice the black petunias at the front door beds? I was especially excited about the way they play off the other bright colors in that bed. And it's fun to plant something a little different here and there among all the classics.

  2. Your garden has grown so much! Just beautiful!!



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