October 20, 2016

October Leaves and Remodeling

October has been cool and rainy with a steel-blue sky making a lovely backdrop for the colorful leaves.

A couple of weeks ago the garden was still mostly green and full of foliage.  This northwest corner is finally filling in, though next year should be even better after all the transplanting I did this month!  It seems like I've said that every autumn for several years.  I'm excited for the time when I'm done with big bouts of transplanting because this area finally looks right.

Our remodeling project isn't moving very quickly.  The plants on the west side were smashed when the excavator drove through, but it was time to cut them back to the ground anyway so they should recover next spring.

The path had to be partially disassembled so the flagstones didn't get crushed.  Putting it back together isn't going to be very fun.  But the hole was dug, the concrete foundation poured, and my crabapple tree is still standing in its place.  This tree will provide welcome shade on the west side of the addition, though it will need careful pruning to keep it from growing into the walls.  Good thing I know how to prune.

This is the current view of the project from above.  We're looking forward to the arrival of framers and the next steps of construction.

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  1. Your garden still looks amazing! Was looking at an older 2013 post and recommended above and boy, the garden looks different. 3 short years make such a difference!


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