February 21, 2017

Missing the Green

It snowed again this morning, and I'm really missing our green backyard.

The other day it warmed up enough in the afternoon to sit in a coat on one of the benches for a few minutes, but the view wasn't this nice.

Grey and brown, brown and grey, white and more white . . . . winter needs to stop now!

I'll take some chartreuse along with the green, please.

And some purple leaves, too.  Any day now.  They're coming!


  1. I love your garden I am looking forward to spring myself. At my age I have had to start over in my garden, my roses all died left a huge hole in my yard. I had 39 roses. I am planting a butterfly garden.

  2. With regard to your beautiful, well planned garden,
    what's been going on in your mind these past few days?

    It's March 4th here in the Spokane Valley. I see my daffies doing their best to break thru the ground. I'm thinking about getting my sweet pea seeds ready in the next few weeks into my raised beds. I'm thinking about how soon I can get my rhododendron, lilacs, peony and blue berry bushes fed. I look at my landscape and see so much to cut, clear off and shred for the compost pile. I keep in mind your suggestion of feeding the rose bushes mushroom compost.

    Me thinks Spring is so on its way!

    1. Sandra, it's snowing right now AGAIN! Spring won't be early this year, but I have a few little yellow crocuses (croci?) opening in protected areas of the garden, and lots of Hellebore buds ready to pop. I found some blue pansies sitting outside at Plant Farm yesterday, so I knew they were used to the weather instead of greenhouse-acclimated, so I planted a few in my front porch pot with some chartreuse Irish moss. I also cut back some weather-beaten lilyturf and hellebore leaves last weekend. Now I'm just waiting for the snow to stop and our remodel to get finished up, maybe, finally. Sounds like you have good plans in place for your garden, have fun.


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