August 30, 2017

The Last Lily of Summer

Crimson Lilium speciosum rubrum have been blooming this month in the main backyard flower bed.  Their stalks are taller than me, and their fragrance is divine.

They nod on the stem, so it's a good thing the main stalk is so tall.

In bloom nearby are 'Miss Molly' butterfly bushes, Russian sage (Peroskvia), 'Rozanne' hardy geraniums and 'Ava' hummingbird mint (Agastache).  The hummingbird mint is visited every day by two or three hummingbirds, and numerous butterflies congregate on the butterfly bushes.

I've ordered similar 'Miss Feya' lily bulbs to plant this fall to add to the display next summer.  August isn't the best time for finding flowers in my garden, so I'm happy to have one area with plenty of blooms.

The 'Royal Purple' smoke bush (Cotinus coggryia) adds beautiful color, though I wonder if annual pruning will keep it small enough once it's fully established.  I'll find out in a few years, I guess.


  1. just this a.m., before i got on the computer, i watched a hummingbird say hello to one of my agastaches (ava or tutti frutti - have temporarily forgotten which one i planted where) outside my guest room/office. one of my cats spends most of his day at this window, just watching. --suz in ohio

  2. You do have wonderful color in that part of the garden. The Russian Sage is a nice companion to the Lily. This is the time of year that my flowerbeds are in limbo, waiting for later bloomers to bring color.


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