June 4, 2018

End of May Color

After years of head scratching and transplanting, the Northwest corner is finally looking pretty good this year, and I think I've got enough later-bloomers to keep it in color throughout the growing season.

'Medallion' Oriental poppies are the stars this year.  I nearly gave up on them when they were so floppy while growing in a more shaded site.  I'm so glad I found a place for them in the sun and gave them a second chance.  'Caradonna' salvia, 'Totally Tangerine' geum and 'Caesar's Brother' Siberian iris are in the background.

Here is a broader view of the area with a pink 'Rivida' peony in bloom at bottom right.

The 'Ambassador' alliums are still my favorite large allium, although their great height (4-5' for me) makes it harder to place them in the garden.  I never thought of purple as my favorite color, but it must be my favorite garden color since I have so much of it.  Me and the bees.

This is the current view while standing at the entrance gate to the backyard and looking north.

And here is the view looking south toward the garden gate.  I have the 'Firestorm' geum and 'Dusseldorf Pride' armeria planted in zig-zags across the path. 

The peonies come and go so quickly.  This is an early red that I received from a friend.

I have two small 'Buckeye Belle' peonies that have such deep color.  Luscious.

My 'Stellar Pink' dogwood has recovered from transplanting two years ago and looks better than ever.  It had to be moved to accommodate our remodel, and it gets a little more sun in this spot at the northeast corner of the house.  That extra sun has paid off in extra blooms this year.

Sweet 'Stellar Pink.'  This is one of the excellent new dogwood hybrids from Rutger's University.

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