February 4, 2020

Rainbow of Garden Plants for a Snowy Day

Although we've had a relatively mild winter, it's snowing again today.  So I'm sharing a rainbow of colors from past years in my garden to feed my need for color.  Above are 'Ambassador' allium.

'Ruby Giant' crocus.

 'Evening Tidings' bearded iris.

'Harmony' miniature iris.  They're actually a true cobalt blue, which I didn't capture very well here.

Allium caesium with 'Venice Blue' veronica at back.

'Rotlaub' rodgersia leaves.

'Little Lime' hydrangea.

Digitalis grandiflora, a true perennial foxglove.

'Goldilocks' crocus.

Unknown orange Oriental poppies.

'Royal Sunset' asiatic-longiflorum liles.

'Montgomery' astilbe.

'Buckeye Belle' herbaceous peony.

'William Shakespeare 2000' David Austin rose.
For those of you in cold climates like me, good luck waiting until spring!


  1. Love the colors and the plants. The Astilbe have a wonderful strong color! I guess every gardener is waiting anxiously for spring. Until then, we remember last year's garden!

  2. Bring on Spring!! Always love seeing your garden. Having just moved to Liberty Lake, your posts are a wonderful tutorial helping me learn to garden in this new zone. Thank you.

    1. Welcome to the area, K! Yes, there's nothing like experience in your own area. My horticulture degree was a good start, but I've learned so much more from trial and error in my own garden.


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