January 26, 2010

Our Front Yard is Torn Apart!

January in Spokane is not usually a good time to start landscaping or home renovation projects. But unseasonably warm weather (highs in the 40's, lows in the 30's) has given us a jump start on the front yard projects we've planned for this year.

Hubby rented a sod cutter last weekend and cut out lawn where we'll be putting in new beds. Wow, we're not going to have a lot of grass left after this (Susan, are you proud?). We left the sod in place to keep kids out of the mud until we import the new garden soil.

Stone masons removed the stone facing and some of the siding from our home in preparation for new stone facing that won't clash with our siding. Hubby also pulled off the porch railing and decorative columns. It's a big mess out there.

So I didn't post pictures of the current state of the yard, though you can be sure that I'll post plenty of the finished product! These photos are of chrysanthemums that were on my table at Thanksgiving.

Some garden blogs are already posting spring-like pictures of fresh green growth. There's nothing like that happening in my garden. I'm about as close to spring as they were at Thanksgiving. I'm usually still wearing my coat in May, so we've got a wait ahead.

But getting started on these projects makes this winter seem not so bad. Well, that and the fact that we had nearly 7 feet of snow by this time last winter, but this season we're only up to 1 foot. We've had a lot of rain instead. You don't have to shovel rain off your driveway. So we're happy here in Spokane, even if spring is a long time away.


  1. hi VW~~ Your weather sounds a lot like ours, [RAIN]. We've got the warmer temps too and it is indeed nice. I can't imagine 7 feet of snow. I look forward to seeing your front yard makeover.

  2. What, no pictures of a muddy mess? Your project sounds like a lot of fun (work), hope you post updates as you go. My husband did the sodcutter thing a few years back. We rented one that was just returned from lifting sod on a football field. It was on its last legs for sure. He had to push it so hard to get it to do anything, using a shovel would have been about the same effort. We didn't know any better til a neighbor rented one and finished their project in a snap. The husband is still fuming about that one!

    Christine in Alaska

  3. Hi VW, your chrysanthemums are very pretty. Given our state of mud, I think you saving the sod during the interim period is a great idea. I hope you have a bunch of pictures of before and now during...so you have lots of afters!

  4. VW, I can't wait to see the before and afters! gail

  5. I look forward to before and after shots – although in between shots would also be great so we can see what steps you’ve taken to completion!

    It definitely sounds like a lot of work has been done so far… I plan on making some new beds too… Does this mean I ought to be doing the work now??? Hmmmm I’ll see what my boyfriend thinks of the prospect of digging up turf!

    I don’t imagine he’ll be excited at the thought.

    May really is a long time to wait for Spring! And I cannot even begin to imagine what 7feet of snow must be like, our 6inches this winter were quite enough for me…

  6. Really, VW, you are so smart to show us those beautiful mums while explaining what is happening in your front yard. Very welcome images with those luscious colors, yummy, good enough to eat! Be careful of the sod rerooting though! :-)

  7. VW girl ! I was hoping to see pictures of the front in chaos.. I did the whole bit last Spring when our deck and shed were taken down for the new ones .. I am excited to be doing a reno of garden bricking and maybe an addition to the arbor down the back fence line (to block out the neighbors .. happy dance time ? LOL)
    I know what you mean about those darn bloggers that have Spring on their door step way before we do .. arrgghh !!! haha

  8. I think spring will come much more quickly since you are working at creating your new garden. I am envious....

  9. All right, I promise to take my camera out and get some pictures of the big mess. But maybe I'll wait and post them when I have pictures of the finished project to post alongside. That will be a while. We have to rip out and pour some new concrete as a landing for Susan's wide steps, then get the steps made, get the sprinklers adjusted and plants transplanted, old curbing out and new curbing in, plus shutters to buy and paint and new light fixtures. A long list, but it's making me grin!

  10. I want to see the muddy mess also. Your blog is entirely too tidy. LOL.

    If you like shadowhouse creations, here is another site you might like.



  11. These photos are so warm and cheerful. Would love to see the renovation process as well. It can be fun (for others) to watch the changes happen with you! Enjoy when all is complete.

  12. Hola, there`s always so nice planning and working in the garden to wait for the bloosoms of spring. These crysantemos are so beautiful and your pictures increase their beauty. Thank you for your visit.
    Muchos cariños,
    maria cecilia

  13. Hiya VW

    Well your yard maybe a mess but your photography certainly isn't. Fact!

    The colour and clarity is superb, professional quality.

    I hope spring comes early to Spokane.


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