January 14, 2010

'Rozetta' Amaryllis is Luscious

Spring won't arrive in Spokane for several months, but I'm getting my fill of gorgeous flowers thanks to six potted amaryllis. I ordered 3 'Rozetta' amaryllis (and three 'Faro', which I will post on later) from Van Engelen in the fall, and potted them all up at the end of October.

I was pleased to find Van Engelen, as they offer three bulbs for the price you'd pay for just one at some other nurseries. I also ordered snowdrops, crocus and dwarf daffodils from them.

Rozetta is classified as a Christmas flowering double amaryllis. Van Engelen's webpage says that this type of amaryllis has been hybridized to make a larger flower from a smaller bulb that blooms four to six weeks after planting. These bulbs were somewhat smaller than the Faro bulbs I received from them, but the flowers have been even larger than Faro's.

Rozetta began blooming during the first week of December, and the three bulbs staggered their blooms for several weeks. Then they all took a break for a couple of weeks and are now blooming again on second or third stalks.

I keep looking at these luscious flowers and shaking my head that something like this could bloom in the middle of winter here in Spokane. Thank heaven for indoor amaryllis during long northern winters!

I should be able to keep these alive through the summer so I can enjoy them again next year. When the danger of frost has passed, I can put them outside in a mostly shady spot, then take them inside at the end of summer. I'll dry them into dormancy for six weeks, then let the miracle begin anew. I'm also thinking about spots to put 'Black Pearl' and 'Exotica' amaryllis . . . I think I'm hooked.


  1. That double is a beauty VW! Nice to hear about them reblooming too. I will see if mine is a rebloomer. (Hope so) I will check out the Van Engelen website. Sounds like I need to plan on spending a dollar or two!

  2. I always think that amaryllis bulbs are one of the best buys around -- so much pleasure for so little money! This one is gorgeous. -Jean

  3. Sounds like you are hooked allright, VW! We order from Van Engelen as well, they have a vast selection and good prices. Your Rozetta is a real prize, such a long bloom period and still going!! :-)

  4. Oh, it is gorgeous. I love the double blooms on it. Great shots. I love how the sunlight crosses them coming in from the window. I can see why you love them because I have gone crazy for them too and hope to try to keep them over the summer to bloom again next winter. I will try your method.

  5. What Beautiful Amaryllis!! I summered mine and let them rest... they've just been set out. I hope it works! :-)

  6. Hi VW~~ Rozetta is just dazzling. That rich, deep pink looks good enough to eat. Sounds like Van Elegen produces stellar plants. Nothing like pushing up spring as much as possible.

  7. Very nice! They're such extravagant blooms and seem even more so at this time of the year when they have virtually no competition.

    I haven't had an amaryllis bulb in a long time. In fact, maybe longer than I thought because I don't remember a second wave of bloom.

  8. I just love how beautiful the double flowered Amaryllis look. I can only imagine how they brighten a cold winter's day.

  9. That is one beautiful bulb. And such a great shade of pinky coral.

    I think I bought the same variety on clearance but it turned out to have 8 single flowers on one stalk. 5 of which are blooming right now.

    I loooooovvvve Amaryllis!


  10. Hi VW

    I didn't grow Amaryllis this year which is more the shame for me.

    I'm definitely going to grow some next year.

    Bravo to you for aiming to get the bulbs through to flower again next year. I've heard that after flowering you should feed the plant and resist cutting back too early to allow the bulb to regain energy. I guess that's probably applicable to most bulbs. Being lazy, I never took the trouble to look after my amaryllis bulbs.

    I love the 'crepe' paper look in the flower in the first photo.

  11. I hope that I can remember your tips for getting Amaryllis to grow again. I usually kill them and have to start over. Thanks for the tips.
    Your photos are just stunning.

  12. Hi VW, enjoy the amaryllises (?) and hope you cope OK with the cold. Cheers, catmint

  13. I really like this double amaryllis! I bought a double one for the first time this year and it's about to open. We'll see if I like it as much as yours-it's more in the scarlet than the rose-colour of the spectrum, but I'm sure I'll enjoy it.

  14. That is a truly beautiful bulb. I tried my first double Amaryllis this year too and have really enjoyed them. I don't think I could ever survive the winters in Colorado without them.

  15. Every year when I get my Van Engelen catalogue, I swear I'm going to try an amaryllis - you're right, their prices are excellent.

    But even with excellent prices, my order of tulips, narcissus, fritllaries and lilies always crowds out the amaryllis - so thank you for allowing me to enjoy yours vicariously.

  16. hi i want information to buy amaryllis rozetta flower or bulbe please... thx

    1. Rozetta is available from John Scheeper's at http://www.johnscheepers.com/amaryllis-rozetta.html. I have ordered from them several times and have always been pleased. Enjoy!


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