May 3, 2010

A Purpleicious Spring

I don't have the new veronica named 'Purpleicious' (yet?) but I do have many pretty purple and blue flowers in my yard this spring. The no-name dwarf purple irises from my friend Robyne have multiplied exponentially since last spring and are scattered in the western beds along the flagstone path.

I planted eight little pots of Aubrieta 'Axcent Purple' along the flagstone path. The color is so perky and cheerful this time of year. I keep debating what color would look best alongside it. Golden yellow, deep pink, or maybe a coral? Hmm.

Last year someone helped me identify muscari 'Blue Spike' in my yard. Can someone suggest which one this is? The color is true blue and very sweet.

Here is another dwarf iris called 'Banbury Ruffles'. You're supposed to wait 6 weeks after bloom to transplant iris. Maybe I'll wait that long, or maybe I'll get impatient to divide and transplant these cuties all around the front yard. Iris survive almost anything, especially these vigorous dwarves.

And here is the muscari 'Blue Spike'. I actually think the flowers look weird up close, but the deep periwinkle color is pretty from far away. These are planted along the west flagstone path.

There are 14 clumps of 'Emerald Cushion Blue' creeping phlox in the front yard, and I'm planning a few more. Most of my other phlox plants are completely smothered in blooms right now, but this one is newly planted and has fewer blooms this year - it must have been growing in more shade at the nursey. Next year it will do its part with the others to tie the front yard together during spring.

I think even plain old Vinca minor is pretty in bloom, and I like using the stems in floral bouquets. I don't have large areas for it to spread, however, so I need to dig my clumps up and put them into pots before they take over everything.

There's plenty of purple and blue-violet to come soon - salvia, delphinium, columbine, clematis, ajuga, catmints, lilacs, hardy geraniums, pincushion flower, violets, campanula, lilyturf, plus Siberian, Japanese and full-sized German iris. 'Blue Moon' wisteria are in the mail. I love these colors!


  1. Lovely colours, very much my type of garden - I love blues and purples!

    This year is the first I've had Muscari, previously never a fan but they definitely help add colour at a much needed time of year :)

  2. I am a big fan of purple in the garden. It goes with everything!

    Lovely blooms!

  3. Oh, Iris and Muscari are some of my favorite springtime flowers :-)

  4. i love purple and yours are some awesome flowers. Was your muscari fragrant? i am waiting for you to post columbine and scabiosa pics as they are my all time favorite plants. A delightful post i must say.

  5. Purple and blues do for me.

    Aubrieta is always a wellcome sight at this time of year.

    I agree about the vinca, I've got it spreading around in a shady bed and love the flowers

  6. VW~~ I dug out my dwarf iris and still they return. You're right. Short of nuking them, they're a permanent fixture in the garden. Still they are lovely and yours especially so.

  7. This time of year is a very purple time in my garden...looks like yours as well.
    Wish my dwarf iris would bloom....maybe they are in need of more sun?

  8. You're Heuchera 'Green Spice' looks amazing! Love the purple color it has in spring.


    Maybe you can ID your blue muscari on this catalog page? It's a great time of year for blue-violets.

  10. I really like Muscari for their beautiful spikes. I find that Blue Spike tends to last longer than most of the other small bulbs, and the thick spikes really stand out. Your other Muscari reminds me of my Muscari azureum.


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