September 28, 2010

Fall Colors: Crimson and Gold

I've been hurriedly snapping shots of the garden lately, hoping that I'll have enough to illustrate this blog until spring. I don't have gorgeous red maple or pin oak trees turning colors in my garden, but I do have some smaller plants sporting fall hues. I thought I'd post these colorful leaves today after focusing on green ones last week.

These first three shots are of peony leaves. Funny, but the first two pictures show divisions from the same mother plant. The crimson plant was less water-stressed than the golden one.

Here is a 'Limelight' hydrangea bloom in front of the ruddy peony plant. Despite being planted in a challenging spot, this hydrangea has put on new growth and flowers each year. I can't say the same about my bedraggled 'Endless Summer' hydrangeas. Of the five bushes, only one plant put out a single bloom this year.

These last two shots were taken on the same day from the same tree. The great news is that this is the transplanted dogwood, which survived the summer! Now if it can just make it through this winter, I think it will be 'out of the woods' and sure to survive its recent move.

Fall is a last burst of fiery color before the greys and whites of winter. This week has been sunny and warm (up to 80 degrees F), and I'm soaking as much in as possible. Then hopefully I'll survive the coming winter, too!


  1. Wow I forget how ahead of Portland you guys are heading into winter. No wonder my mom's been talking about the garden shutting down.

    Thank you for the reminder to take a shot of my peonies as they color. For some reason it surprises me every year!

  2. Your photography style sets you apart from most other garden bloggers. Thanks for this treat

  3. The most wonderful part of Fall is how it shows up in so many places in so many different ways. Your colors are gorgeous.

  4. Hey there VW !
    I have that happen too .. different stages of colour on the same plant .. so pretty are those REDS thought eh ? .. it is cool and fresh here this morning .. but we are in for some rain the next few days too .. good for the garden though, right ? LOL
    Nice Autumn colour post ! .. I envy you your Dogwood tree : )

  5. Our hot dry summers do not allow us to have such vibrant colors on our Peony and dogwoods! Wow, I am envious of your fall colors. But who knows, maybe this year will be a pretty fall in GA. We have had one awesome fall in the 10 years we have been in GA, Sigh.... Thank goodness for garden blogs to enjoy other gardens beautiful fall colors…

  6. Hi VW, How nice that you're getting such warm weather to bask in before the coming chill. Your fall colors are just dazzling. My fingers are crossed for the dogwood and a mild winter.

  7. Is it fall? Really? We're just now getting cool weather and monsoon rains!

    Love your photos and you've captured the colors so well.

  8. I love Autumn in the garden.

    It's a period of 'my' time. All the guests have left, got the place to myself and just potter about.

    Ditto Cameron re your capturing the colour.

  9. Hi VW,
    Oh, I just love seeing fall colors. Those crimson and gold leaves are stunning. We don't get much of it here. Makes me long for a trip north.

  10. Really nice fall colors VW! It hasn't begun turning here~just a few cornus, but this next month it should pop. gail

  11. Hi VW, I love the way last post you focussed on the different shades and shapes of green, and this one on fall colours. They are all so so varied, different shades and shapes.My favourite brightly coloured deciduous shrub is smoke bush. Did you know that Australian native plants are all (with only one expection that I know of) evergreen? cheers, catmint

  12. Only a few plants are beginning to show fall color around here. Nice to get a preview of what's to come.

    Good luck on the dogwood!


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