September 21, 2010

Plain Green is Not Boring

Is it because winter is approaching that green seems more beautiful than ever? Above is a picture of corkscrew rush, Juncus effusis 'Spiralis'. This plant is part of the grass family, and you can see its small brown flowers hanging from the spiraling blades.

I've heard that this winter is supposed to be especially cold and moist. That means it will be a long, long time before my hostas - like 'Blue Angel' above - show their heads again above ground.

Tiny Sagina subulata, or Irish moss, looks like a magical forest up close. Supposedly this plant is evergreen, but I'm learning that evergreen perennials aren't very attractive during our cold winters. They look just half-alive, which is worse than fully dormant in my opinion.

This is the biggest hellebore leaf in my garden, on 'Velvet Lips.' Most of my hellebores are still getting established and aren't even close to full size. I'm hoping to see pink 'Kingston Cardinal', peach 'Apricot Blush', and yellow 'Golden Lotus' bloom for the first time next spring.

Here is lady's mantle (Alchimella mollis) blooming earlier in the year. Doesn't it look like ballerinas in tutus swaying about? It's much too pretty to call 'plain.'

And here is a rosette of blue-green Lewisia cotelydon leaves. It would look better without the hard water stains all over. But it's still an interesting plant, even when out of bloom and just 'plain green.'


  1. Lordy....I know I'm not looking forward to winter, and I can't imagine you are either. That Lewisia is fabulous! And isn't nice to know your Hostas will, eventually, come back? I remember when I lived in Spokane they were a trooper.

  2. At 94F today I welcome the notion of some cooler weather, but, please not winter! I think your green looks anything but;the lewesia is gorgeous! I wish a long autumn for your garden! gail

  3. Hi VW, Green is never boring as your photos so aptly illustrate. Maybe they'll be wrong about our winter predictions. We can hope.

  4. Excellent foliage can make up for lack of blooms.

  5. Not boring at all, far from it.

    That Juncus effusis 'Spiralis is beautiful, mind you, so's that shot of the Hosta.

    I'm not relishing the thought of winter.

  6. I love all of the shades of green in the garden. Add in a variety of shapes and textures and it's very satisfying. One Hellebore leaf that I really like is Ivory Prince. There are white patterns on the leaves, scalloped edges and the stems are red for a little contrast.

    Water always looks so good on a big, fat Hosta leaf.


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