June 7, 2011

'Bright Parrot' and 'Salmon Parrot' Tulips

Parrot tulips are some of the showiest of bulbs. These first three photos show 'Bright Parrot' and were taken at my dad's garden in mid-April.

This fiery red and yellow flower is a bold way to celebrate spring.

'Bright Parrot' is a mid- to late-spring bloomer and its height is 12 to 24 inches. Unfortunately, parrot-type tulips do not return well year after year, so you have to plant fresh bulbs each fall to get a great show each spring.

These next photos show the bloom progression of 'Salmon Parrot' tulips in my front yard.

The blooms start out with plenty of cream and soft, warm salmon.

The colors intensify as the bloom ages.

This bulb blooms mid-season and tops out at about 20 inches tall.

The salmon, cream and green flames are so pretty together . . . and then the salmon changes to a true pink.

Here you can see the color starting to cool off.

Eventually the blooms are cream, green and pure, cool pink with not a hint of salmon left.

Quite a show, eh?


  1. Stunning photos as always VW! I think I am in love with Salmon Parrot. Wish tulips did better here in the south.

  2. Those salmon parrot tulips are so interesting! They are quite gorgeous - a lot of detailing in their color.

  3. I LOVE them! And your photography skills are amazing.

  4. I think we have to plant tulips each year. I don't bother although when I see these I might rethink this. Like Janet, I also am in love with Salmon Parrott.

  5. Ewww, what pretty tulips. I love the salmon colored parrot . Beautiful pictures!

  6. You always have been a great photographer but wowser on the tulip photos!

  7. Lovely and very unusual. Thank you for showing me some plants I cannot grow.

  8. Fantastic pictures! And all of those plants are plants I would love to grow but they wouldn't make it here in our gardening zone.

  9. Great job following their development!

    I am curious about the parrot bulbs not lasting... is their bed rather damp? Asking because it our climate, which is not prime for tulips in general, the parrot tulips have lasted very well in my friend's garden.

    Curious... I guess I will not suggested them to others without question, for lasting perennially that is. They are worth the money for their prettiness in my opinion! :)

    Thanks for the wonderful eye candy,

  10. Hi WMG - I actually don't know how well the parrots will come back for me, since I just planted them last fall. Info that I read online said parrot-type tulips weren't great perennializers, so I just passed that on. Certainly in the right climate, with dry soil in summer, many tulips will return for a few years. Mine are all mixed in with perennials that need water all summer, so I don't have perfect conditions for repeat performers.


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