June 13, 2011

Brunnera, Aubrieta, Lilacs, Lewisia, Bleeding Heart, Carnations

Here is a roundup of some of the blooms in my garden lately. These first three are flowers on Brunnera 'Jack Frost'.

They remind me of forget-me-nots and are very true blue.

No doubt there'd be more flowers if my plant wasn't growing in full shade. Some morning sun would do it good.

I picked up some Aubrieta 'Axcent Antique Rose' at the nursery last month. It's more lilac than rose.

My clearance-rack 'Katherine Havemeyer' lilacs put out more blooms than last year, but still not a ton.

It's interesting to watch how the warm lavender buds open into cool silvery lavender flowers.

Holy cow, the Lewisia put out a ton of flowers this year. I forgot to get a picture when they were in full bloom, but it was impressive.

My white bleeding heart (Dicentra spectabilis alba) is gigantic this year, sprawling over its neighbors.

It gets plenty of water and shade in its position, so the leaves hang around until fall instead of going dormant in summer as they would usually do.

I brought home a few carnations from Lowes last month. Above is 'Ruby Tuesday'. Light clove scent, pretty bright red flowers, very nice for cutting.

Here is 'Rosy Cheeks'. No doubt these would not be in bloom yet if they had spent the spring in the ground instead of at a greenhouse.

This plant has a delicious clove fragrance and vivid cool pink blooms. I'm amazed at how many flowers it's putting out . . . of course that means a lot of deadheading, oh well.

Despite our unusually cool weather, the iris and early peonies are blooming and Asiatic lilies are ready to pop open soon. 'May Night' salvia didn't bloom in May, but it's blooming its head off now. I'll have to grab some pictures of the enormous 'Walker's Low' catmints with the fluffy big bumblebees that cover them on warm days. And that brings us up to date on what's blooming in the garden.


  1. Jak to miło popatrzeć na kwiaty, które już u nas przekwitły (bzy, brunnera ) i przypomnieć sobie, ze tez je miałam Pozdrawiam

  2. Hi VW,

    Beautiful photos of gorgeous blooms... Such pretty colours :)

    I'm into carnations this year; previously I've always thought them a little old fashioned, but their scents are so gorgeous that they're well worth it. I've taken some cuttings from my gorgeous deep red carnation and they're doing very well, so I hope to have even more around the garden :)

  3. Hello! Love that Lewisia...I didn't realize they would grow up in Spokane I'll have to buy a couple for my mom. Speaking of we were there last weekend and attended the Friends of Manito plant sale...I was hoping maybe I'd bump into and recognize you from your picture on the side bar but no luck. Since I think you live in Liberty Lake (I must have read that here?) maybe you were taking part in the big community yard sale my sister-in-law went to?

  4. Beautiful plants blooming in your garden, despite our cool weather. Love the carnations. Gorgeous photos.

  5. My oh my they are gorgeous. I love the white bleeding heart.

  6. Oh what pretty blooms you are showing today. I wish I could smell those lilacs. Brunnera has the prettiest little blue flowers. I really like your Lewisia. It has the best colors mixed together. I have never tried them and after seeing yours I think I should, don't you? LOL!

  7. Lovely, lovely blooms! Great photographs! I just bought my first lewisia at the NWFGS. I can tell it loves our weather(at least, someone is happy with it)! Your carnations are beautiful! This is one of the very few plants in my garden which can grow and bloom under the big conifers and in poor and dry soil.

  8. Your photos of the Brunnera are super. They remind me of Forget-me-nots too. I tried growing Lewisia one year in Virginia, didn't come up.

  9. The lewisia is really beautiful. I've not seen that before and I am really admiring your white bleeding heart. It looks like it belongs in a bridal bouquet of a princess :)

  10. Very pretty blooms! Love that white bleeding heart! And I've not heard of lewisia before - will have to check that one out.

  11. VW girl I love seeing all of these fresh Spring blooms again ! I need to get new Lewisia .. my old ones disappeared completely ... I love the scent of carnations one of my favorites in fact and yours looks wonderful : ) this is like going through Spring all over again ... thanks girl !
    Joy : )

  12. Gorgeous photos VW!! Almost nothing in flower in my garden at this time of year. My tree dahlia has just been killed by the heavy frosts we've had this week. It'll be back next May. My Japanese windflowers have lasted really well through Autumn and there are still a few remaining. Its great to see your flowers blooming. Hope you have a warm summer. :)

  13. You have a lot of flowers in your garden, they all look so lovely. I love the lilacs and the bleeding heart, the two plants that don't do well here... I miss lilac fragrance especially.


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