August 16, 2011

Daylilies in Pink and Peach

My favorite daylily this year is 'Frances Joiner', shown above and below. The rich peach color has looked especially good nearby lavender 'Rozanne' geraniums and vivid 'Pink Double Delight' coneflowers.

Here is Frances, glowing in the sunset. Really a pretty flower.

I continue to be impressed with 'Hush Little Baby', above, and am thinking of removing the 'Apricot Sparkles' daylilies in the west bed and dividing HLB to fill up that area instead. AS has put out a disappointing number of blooms - perhaps it really needs full sun to make much of a show. Yet HLB manages to bloom despite partial shade. And you can see its color is gorgeous.

Here is 'Millie Schlumpf', which is a prolific bloomer. As I write, the last few flowers from the first flush are finishing up, and new scapes are already appearing for a second flush of bloom. The pale color looks a little washed out in the summer sun, though.

This photo doesn't do a great job of capturing the rich colors of 'Autumn Wood', but it's going to have to do for this post. I really like the way this daylily fits into the front yard color scheme.

'Elizabeth Salter' is orange sherbet on a plant. Its color of peach is a bit softer than 'Frances Joiner' but still pretty.

Above and below are shots of 'Dublin Elaine' after a day of intense sun. The color fades somewhat through the day.

So far 'Dublin Elaine' has proven to be vigorous in its growth of both leaves and flowers. It is a recent All-American Daylily winner.

I'll finish with a picture of 'Jolyene Nichole' from morning, before the color fades at all. You can see lots of buds in the background - this pink daylily was a prolific bloomer this year. I hope to be able to say that about all of daylilies as the plants mature . . . but we'll have to wait until next summer to see.


  1. You had me [and kept me] at 'Hush Little Baby.' That color is just stellar!

  2. Lovely Daylilies. You found some lovely pastels. I think they can make such a statement.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  3. Hi,

    Beautiful photos again; I've never had Daylilies but the more I see them on American blogs the more tempted I am to get some; they don't seem to be a common plant here in the UK and are rarely ever referred to as Daylilies!
    I'm going on the hunt for some tomorrow, hopefully I'll actually find them! :)

  4. Wow, just what I needed to see, all of those beautiful lilies. I wish mine were still blooming. I love your Hush Little Baby. It is so pretty. I have saw that one in the books but it is always good to see a real picture from a garden of them to be certain. LOL! Your Frances Joiner is gorgeous!

  5. Miło popatrzeć na liliowce, które już u nas przekwitły. Te z pierwszego zdjęcia są szczególnie piękne. Pozdrawiam

  6. What a lovely variety of daylily blooms. Each one is a keeper! Mine had a short bloom time this summer, hoping for a long one next year. I would love to add some of those beauties like yours!

  7. we had such a hot, dry spell right during peak daylily bloom time in charlotte this year. mine didn't do very well. yours look so fresh and pretty. nice photos, too.

  8. Lovely daylilies, I like the first one too, wonderful warm color.

  9. Thanks for introducing me to Day Lily "Hush Little Baby". It blooms in a shade of pink-to-blue that I appreciate. Unfortunately, fewer day lilies are available in this tone than are the pink-to-peach varieties.

  10. you are a real conneisseur of this pretty flower. I love them all, they are all quite different even though the tones are roughly the same.

  11. Beautiful photos again, I have never had Daylilies but the more I see them on American blogs, It does not seem to be a common plant here in the UK. I planted it before some days, may be take time to grow fully.


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