October 12, 2011

English Roses in the Fall

My english roses are putting out their last flush before winter. Above is 'Abraham Darby'.

In the fall, english roses often send out really tall stems with roses at the ends. My 'Eglantyne' bushes, above, have a few of these super tall stems right now.

'Sister Elizabeth' had more flowers this fall than it did in its first flush in July.

Here's another shot of 'Sister Elizabeth'.

'Teasing Georgia' looks more peach than yellow in the fall.

This picture shows how 'Lady Emma Hamilton' fades as the flowers open.

'Princess Alexandra of Kent' had enough flowers to make a bouquet . . .

. . . so here's what I brought inside. I also included white 'Claire Austin'.

The 'Claire Austin' roses shatter quickly, but 'PA of K' holds up well in the vase. They both smell delicious. It's nice to have this cheery arrangement to enjoy while the weather outside is cold, grey and rainy.


  1. Hi VW,

    Beautiful blooms; I really need to get some more beauties like these and replace some of the roses I have in the front; something I'll have to do another time. I'd like some which are more shrubby in their habit than the typical tea roses - I hate to see lots of thorny stem with no leaves and blooms only at the top.
    Sister Elizabeth and Lady Alexandra of Kent seem like my kind of colour! And of course the whites/creams.

  2. Love the beautiful roses - great photos!

  3. Total eye candy, VW. I bet they smell good too.

  4. I love english roses. Very beautiful!

  5. Oh, they're beautiful! Love the color of 'Sister Elizabeth'. And Lady Emma Hamilton is gorgeous, too. Well, they're all pretty -and I bet your bouquet smells divine!

  6. So beautiful.

    I think Abraham Darby is my favorite; something about the shape. Maybe I should replant...

    Thanks for sharing! Sending more kisses for the baby! :)

  7. Seriously loving that last picture. Gorgeous flowers! I totally want those in my future garden. Haha. :)

  8. Your roses are beautiful. I love roses that have a full fragrance....they are the best.

  9. Love the bouquet! I need to bring a few roses in too. My 'Lady Emma Hamilton' always looks especially pretty in the fall.


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