October 1, 2011

Fall Flowers 2011

As much as I appreciate the long-blooming perennials that have been in flower all summer, it's fun to see some new blooms appearing just for fall. Above are a couple of Colchicum 'Waterlily' flowers coming up through bellflower (Campanula) foliage.

Here are some asters that came from my friend Kathy's garden.

They're blooming cheerfully despite being transplanted this spring and getting too little water from the sprinklers.

Diminutive flower spikes are popping up on 'Big Blue' lilyturf (Liriope) all over the front yard.

Here are some pink chrysanthemums, which also came from Kathy's garden.

I love this color of pink and hope to find more spots for this type of mum in the front yard.

This was the only flower on my tiny Japanese Anemone, which was also lacking in water this summer. I think this plant came as a start from Kathy's yard, too. I guess this post could have been titled "Thirsty Plants from Kathy".

These lavender flowers are from 'Farmington' double aster.

You can see a bit of mildew on the leaves, which tells me that these plants should have had more water this summer. Many types of asters get powdery mildew when they're water-stressed. Maybe next year I'll keep up on the watering better and get a better show.


  1. I think everything looks lovely. Some great colors.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Beautiful colours. And everything looks just as moist and cool as the weather might be there right now. Liriope is totally new to me, looks very nice. Those cosmos flowers look gorgeous, (I wish they would have a prettier foliage)

  3. Lovely flowers and terrific photos. Thanks for sharing. I read your comment on Phoebe's blog about your mother and the chicken and the hawk. i too taught and hatched chickens with a grade 1. We had them in a polystyrene box with a lamp and had the lid turned 'just so', to keep the temperature optimal. After school, someone came in an put the lid on properly...result cooked chicks...hard to explain to little people. Your mother and I probably scarred a few for life with our chicken experiences. LOL


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