April 4, 2012

Plant Giveaway Spring 2012

I have plants to give away this spring . . . the catch is that you have to bring a shovel and dig them up yourself. Here is a list of what is available. All of them are perennials, which means they will come back year after year.

Above is 'Walker's Low' Nepeta (catmint). I have gobs and gobs of this, as all of my front yard plants need to be divided. This is an award-winning plant that is great for sun and heat. 2.5 feet tall, 3 feet wide. Blooms from June until frost if you cut the dead blooms off in July. Bees love it.

I also have dozens of these light pink asiatic lilies to give away. Though they weren't labeled when I bought them, I'm pretty sure they're 'Tiny Todd' asiatic lilies. 12-14 inches tall. Full to part sun. Blooms in June and multiplies every year.

I also have several of these 'Tango Passion Ladylike' dwarf asiatic lilies to give away. 12-14 inches tall. Full to part sun. Blooms in June and multiplies every year.

The photo above shows coral-pink 'Patricia Louise' heuchera and blue-lavender Veronica (speedwell). I have some of both of these plants to share. Both plants make low mounds of leaves (not shown in the photo, sorry) with 1 foot tall flower spikes. Both bloom in May/June and come back every year. They like morning sun and afternoon shade (they'd love the east side of your house).

I have lots and lots of bearded/German iris to give away, including the deep violet 'Titan's Glory' above and also some deep blue 'Mer du Sud' iris. Both of these are full-sized iris, with flower spikes about 3 feet tall. Fragrant. They like sun and heat.

In addition, I have two types of dwarf violet iris to share - one that gets about 6 inches tall and another that gets 1 foot tall (shown below). They multiply quickly, which is why I have so many to spare! Iris are sturdy plants that bloom in May or June every year.

This photo shows 'Banbury Ruffles' dwarf iris (mentioned above) with 'Emerald Cushion Blue' creeping phlox (Phlox subulata) in the background. In May, lavender flowers smother this low creeping plant. It gets 6 inches tall and 1 to 2 feet wide. Full sun. Evergreen. I have several large clumps and some small divisions to share.

I have a tiny peony (Paeonia) growing in a pot. I'm mostly sure it's the red one above, so it will eventually be 2.5 to 3 feet tall and wide and produce lots of these lovely blooms every May. If you're willing to wait a couple of years for it to grow into a full-sized plant, you'll enjoy plenty of flowers for years afterward. Full sun.

I don't have a photo of 'Spanish Glow' daylily (Hemerocallis), but the flowers look very similar to the photo above, except with more ruffles around the edges. I have one clump to give away. It prefers full sun and blooms in July. 2 feet tall and wide. A very sturdy plant.

Here is shown 'Melba Higgins' columbine (Aquilegia), which has reseeded itself around my backyard. It blooms in May and can do sun or shade, though it doesn't like intense afternoon heat. 2 to 2.5 feet tall, 1.5 feet wide.

The photos above and below show Lady's mantle (Alchimella mollis). Above you can see the airy greenish-yellow flowers, and below the pretty leaves. Full to part shade, 1.5 to 2 feet tall and wide.

The best thing about Lady's Mantle is the way its leaves catch water droplets.

I have divisions of 'Elfin' Thyme groundcover to share. It blooms in June and is great for sunny, hot spots. 1 inch tall, 1 foot wide (though it keeps spreading).

I also have divisions of Pearlwort groundcover (Sagina subulata), which has tiny white flowers in June. 1 inch tall, 1 foot wide. Mostly evergreen, though it looks ratty in January and February. Full sun to part shade.

Finally, I don't have photos but also have lots of spearmint, peppermint and strawberry plants to share. All three of these plants are aggressive spreaders, so you'll want to plant them in a container or somewhere they can't take over all your other plants. Especially the mints. The mints are great for bouquets, and of course the strawberries are just yummy. Full sun to part shade. Mints grow 2 feet tall and will grow as wide as they have space. Srawberries get up to 1 foot tall.

So my friends in Spokane - let me know if you want any of these plants! Leave a comment, call, email, post on Facebook or knock on my door. April and May are the best times to transplant.


  1. That is a lot of wonderful plants for someone. Hope there is someone local to take advantage of your wonderful offer.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. If I lived any closer, I'd be there in a heartbeat! What beauties! Someone's going to be a lucky gardener to get these lovelies!

  3. I'm thinking "It's only 4 hours across the state"......

  4. Hi VW,

    Can I have them all? I especially love your Heuchera and Veronica combination, oh and the lovely purple Aquilegia!!!

    I'll pop round in just a sec to get them ;)

  5. So many pretties! So many that I need to get out and divide in my own garden... like lamb's ear that take over the world!

  6. Wow! Free plants! I don't know if the fam would love a 6 hour drive there for some lovely flowers, otherwise... Hopefully there are some young strong helpers to come by. ;)

  7. You are such a tease!! For those of us on the other side of the country this is not fair!! You have some beauties to share. Would love to get some dwarf lilies, love the colors of yours.

  8. Meg and IG - I understand the urge . . . but it wouldn't be cost effective to drive so far, eh? I have been wanting and not finding some 'Heartbeat' poppies, and the other day I found myself thinking of visiting the nusery that bred them to beg some plants. The nursery is in England. I have no plans to travel across the sea anytime soon. It was ridiculous to even have the thought! Of course I did fly to Oregon a year ago just to buy hellebores, but that was as much about escaping my kids on a little adventure as it was about the plants. Although the plants are starting to bloom again and they are pretty amazing. Will post pictures soon.

  9. Hi VW, I hope you get some takers for your plants - maybe a school or institution that is starting a garden? Or maybe people having a fete would pot them up? I would love to come of course but apart from the time and cost, I wouldn't be able to get them through customs on my way back! Divine photos as usual, especially I love the crocus ones in the post below with the blurry coloured echoes. I have given up on my DSLR. It did take good photos but it was so heavy I found I needed to use a tripod because I couldn't hold it steady and that meant I couldn't be spontaneous or flexible - like lie down on the ground to take a photo. So I'm back to my compact, which is kind of a shame. Less quality but more fun. cheers, c

    1. Catmint, what a sad thing! To buy an expensive dSLR and have to give it up. Maybe you need some dumbells, LOL? My dSLR is one of the smallest ones available. I'll have to think about the weight if I ever want to upgrade. And I am having a good response from friends in the neighborhood. I've got several people scheduled to come and dig next week so far. Should be fun.

  10. Wow. You're cleaning house, I mean garden! Some lucky recipient is going to be thanking you, big time!


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