April 17, 2012

State of the Spring Garden

My garden is starting to look less barren as more green leaves begin to peek out and the small bulbs continue to show off. The 'Tete a Tete' mini daffodils are the cutest darn things ever. Everyone who visits gets a kick out of them. Doesn't the one above look like it's having a tete-a-tete with the scilla?

The garden still isn't ready for wide view photos. Once the roses leaf out and we spread another layer of fine bark, I'll take some wider shots and post them. But I've been waiting on the bark until the small bulbs are done blooming, since they'll probably get covered up.

I was very happy to find little dieback on my roses and other shrubs when I was pruning last week. Last year a harsh winter cut the roses canes back to a foot high. This year the climbing roses might actually look like climbers, instead of little shrubs just hanging out in front of trellises.

A few days ago my preschooler informed me that we had corn growing in our front yard. Hmmm, not corn, just hyacinth buds forming. The photo above shows 'Gypsy Queen' hyacinths and 'Spring Beauty' scilla.

Not all of the new leaves are green. The leaves on the peonies (above), the roses, the purple-flowering delphiniums and some of the hellebores are reddish right now. One of my two new tree peonies has lots of red leaves growing. The other one looks shriveled and dead at the top, but there is one bud that's starting to grow down below. I really hope I can nurse it into better health, as it was rather expensive.

The 'Ivory Prince' hellebores are blooming along with many of the others. More hellebore pictures are coming soon. Lots more.

The kids and I are looking forward to the giant bumblebees that always show up when the crabapples bloom in a week or two. I saw a butterfly in the front yard last week. There are plenty of robins and other little birds whose names I don't know flying around. Above are blue Chionodoxa luciliae (Glory of the Snow).

We have had a nice mix of sunny warmth and gentle rain lately, which is perfect for the plants. I'm looking forward to another pretty year out in my garden!


  1. Hi VW,

    Beautiful spring garden you have there - I've don't bother with Scilla or the Chionodoxa anymore as they're too small and get swamped by other spring blooms and growth... Shame, as they are very pretty!

    Looking forward to seeing your garden mature, and I have to agree with the tete-a-tetes... it seems everyone is going mad for them at the moment! I planted a load this past autumn too.

  2. daffodils are my favorite!

  3. Very pretty. My Peony tree lost it's blooms in the freeze, but my Peony bush is up about like yours. Oh well it's the prettier of the two anyway. :) Your Crabapple blooms much later than mine. Well actually mine is usually blooming now not weeks ago. Nice to see it all coming up for you.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  4. The little Tet-a-tets are always very nice. Its nice to see the spring season warming up and the deadness of winter being overrun by the greenery!

  5. you are a great photographer! lovely

  6. Ah, sunny warmth and gentle rains. Sounds perfect. Your blooms are beautiful, and with that type of weather it will only get more so. Happy spring!

  7. The combination of the Scilla and Tete-a-Tete is great. Cute 'corn'. I need to mix my plantings more....love the varied colors.

  8. Nie bądź taka niecierpliwa, niedługo będą i róże. Ciesz się tym, co już ślicznie kwitnie.Pozdrawiam.
    Do not be so impatient, soon will be, and roses. Enjoy what is already pretty blooms. Yours.

  9. Your Spring is divine... mine is finally emerging. Love your sidebar videos. I have been wanting to share as well. I need to move it up my long list of to do's. I came to visit you today because I know you love peonies... I'm checking into Itoh peonies for my gardens. Had my eye on the Kopper Kettle. I'm rethinking that now thanks to you great post. Have you seen the Picasso in bloom?

  10. Your images are heavenly today. I love each shot.

  11. Looks lovely. I'm from Spokane, and this makes me miss it!

  12. I'm so glad you had a mild winter this year. Every now and then it's nice to have a break. Your flowers are lovely, as usual. That last one really shimmers!


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