August 6, 2015

Vase of English Roses in Sunset Hues


This morning I put together a small vase of English Roses in warm sunset hues.  At bottom left is peachy-pink 'Abraham Darby,' at top left is salmon-pink 'Princess Alexandra of Kent,' and at center right is yellow 'Teasing Georgia.'

'Peachy Seduction' yarrow (Alchimella), sprigs of spearmint (Mentha) and fluffy chartreuse twigs from 'Ogon' Spirea add texture.

In this shot pink 'Alexandra of Kent' is at center with a cluster of 'Invicibelle Spirit' hydrangea flowers below.  A peach 'Lady of Shallot' rose peeks out at bottom left.  You can also see a couple of green budding stems of 'Autumn Bride' heuchera.

All of these roses have a pleasant scent, but 'Abraham Darby' (bottom left) is the best one to stick your nose into.

Now that our early summer heat wave has passed - the high today is 81 Farenheit - the roses are recovering and sending out another flush of bloom.  I haven't made many arrangements this summer but I hope to make and share more in the next few weeks.

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  1. So lovely, I've devoured 3 books on flower arranging this summer. Can't get enough!


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