August 10, 2015

Wild Arrangement of Late Summer Flowers

After perusing photos of some of the wildish, flamboyant floral arrangements made by professional florists, I decided to try to create one myself.  This vase was the result.  It was a very different style from the tight, symmetrical arrangements I often create.

'Little Lime' hydrangea flowers formed the center focal point of the arrangement.  The flowers from 'LL' are more green while the ones from my 'Limelight' hydrangea are more cream.  

Of course I included some English roses like 'Teasing Georgia' above.  

'Abraham Darby' had a few nice buds, so I added those as well.  In this shot you can also see a swirly green clematis seed pod.  Several friends have echoed my thought that they look like something from a Dr. Seuss illustration. 

 Violet spikes of 'Lo and Behold' butterfly bush (Buddleia) and pale violet spikes of peppermint (Mentha) added more color to the mostly green arrangement.

I pruned several branches from my contorted filbert (Corylus avellana 'Contorta', above) to create a wide base, then filled in with dark leaves from my 'Black Lace' elderberry (Sambucus).  

I also used a couple of stems of variegated Solomon's seal (Polygonatum) for greenery.  The stem above is supporting a 'Crocus Rose' bloom.

'Fama' pincushion flower (Scabiosa) seed pods added interesting texture.

Long stems of 'Autumn Bride' heuchera stretched out on the sides.

Twisting stems of 'Hall's Purple' Japanese honeysuckle contributed to the wild feel.  In this shot you can also see some of the berries and leaves of 'Black Lace' elderberry (Sambucus).

Finally, delicate buds and leaves from bronze fennel added a final touch to my wild arrangement.  I gave the creation to a wonderful gardener friend for her birthday.

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