August 27, 2020

Emily Bronte Rose Arrangement

Here is a midsummer vase of 'Emily Bronte' roses with 'Maya' dahlias, 'Invincibelle Spirit' hydrangeas, Ammi majus, flowering oregano, honeysuckle leaves and viburnum twigs.

I ordered 'Emily Bronte' from David Austin roses this spring and it has been a winner already this year.  The scent is lovely and strong, the color is perfect for blush color schemes, and it has been a quick repeater.  I've read that the color isn't as good in some other areas, perhaps where temperatures are higher than here.  I haven't seen any disease, but we don't have strong disease pressure here for roses anyway.

I added a few ripening blackberries for texture.  These are from a plant in increasing shade as trees mature, so the berries don't get enough sun to sweeten well.  Blackberry and raspberry stems make good fillers for arrangements, especially in late fall when other plants have dropped their leaves but the berry foliage is still green.

I grew several Ammi majus (false Queen Anne's lace) from seed this spring.  They're beautiful in arrangements but they make a mess as the hundreds of tiny petals ripen and drop all over the table.  This vase also includes several 'Maya' dahlias which blend perfectly with the colors of the 'Emily Bronte' rose.  


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