January 24, 2014

'Dazzleberry' Sedum

Last week I noticed new shoots on my 'Dazzleberry' sedum.  I've never been a fan of sedum but this one stole my heart last summer.  If you're considering this plant for your garden, just buy it.  You'll be glad.

Here is a photo of the pretty leaves and buds just before flowering.  The reddish-bluish-purplish leaves are pretty throughout the spring and early summer before blooming starts.

The buds began to open near the end of August.  The flowers really are a warmish raspberry-rose, and they smother the plant.  The color is the exact shade of my 'Hush Little Baby' daylilies.  This sedum blooms when many other plants are taking a break from blooming.

Here is a view of Dazzleberry with the flowers fully open. The clusters aren't as large as they will be someday when it reaches full size after I stop dividing the plant to spread around.

After flowering, the buds were still pretty as they gradually turned brown.  I didn't deadhead until hard frosts killed the plant down to the ground, so I could just cut the whole thing back at once.  Sturdy, low-water, showy foliage and flowers, and low maintenance.  What  great new plant!


  1. It looks so pretty...I doubt I would be able to grow it...for some reason, the lovely, dark-leaved Sedums seem to hate me :-(

  2. A very pretty sedum - it looks very similar to S. Bertram Anderson and S. Rose Carpet.
    I'm generally not a big sedum fan either but I grow them purely to benefit the pollinators.

  3. Hi VW,

    Lovely colour; I have a similar one but its leaves are not quite so nicely bluey green... I'll have to see if it's available over here.


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